Canvas Bags, Direct from Workshop to You

If you like to travel, if you anticipate the journey as much as the destination, then Dirt Road luggage is the ideal match.

We specialise in hand-crafting high quality canvas & leather bags that are practical, durable, and ruggedly good-looking. And now you can order online, direct from our workshop, making it easy to get fitted out for your next trip.

trail bag

Spirit of Adventure

But be warned - there's something about our bags that adds a spirit of adventure to every journey, bringing out the explorer in you, nudging you towards the road less travelled.

We're not sure why - maybe it's the tough, rip-stop canvas in earthy colours, the genuine leather trims and antique brass fittings, all fused into a product that says it wants to go walkabout, to go that extra mile.

old canvas luggage photo

Or maybe it's the timeless designs, evoking images of the African adventurers of yesteryear, of Selous and Rider Haggard, of Ernest Hemmingway and Robert Ruark.

One thing's for sure, those early travellers knew that canvas luggage was the best option for soaking up punishment while protecting their kit. We agree, because we've also been around Africa a bit, putting our products to the test.

Our Product Range

Because we use only the finest raw materials - all locally sourced - when manufacturing our luggage and accessories, we confidently guarantee that our products are robust enough to handle virtually any travel demands.

While the requirements of a travel bag can vary widely, we believe you'll find a product in our luggage range that'll meet your needs. Please check out the Products page to see the full range.

If you're unsure about ordering online, please see Order Help and also our Frequently Asked Questions for more about payment methods, delivery and postage options, and our money-back guarantee.